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Coffin Hop 2014 Day Seven - Hush My Little One

Coffin Hop 2014

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There's just over twenty four hours left of the annual COFFIN HOP where horror authors and artists from around the globe come together to share their dark works and giveaway great prizes for just a few mouse clicks... So there's still time to win some really cool stuff if you're quick!

Right here, you can win free copies of my horror novel The Dark Horde - 3 copies in ebook (pdf) format, and if you win the grand prize, I’ll mail you a signed copy of the paperback version completely free! Or if you'd prefer, you can get a ebook (pdf) copy of Evermore: An Introduction instead (or a signed copy of the paperback version mailed free if you win the grand prize). 

Want more? Well I'll also throw in a free copy of my gamebook Infinite Universe (published by Tin Man Games) that you can read and play on PC, Mac, Linux or Android platforms for every winner!

(The free copy of Infinite Universe will come via a link that you copy and paste into your browser - I'm fairly sure this link will still work for you, but in the event it doesn't, let me know and I'll give you another free PDF copy of your choice of one of my books instead).

You can enter any time, as often as you like up until midnight on the 31st of Oct (US EST time). In the event a winner doesn't claim their prize within 72 hours of being notified, another winner will be drawn in their place.


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And continuing the "Terrible Myths & Legends" theme for the Kintsugi Poets Society where myself and fellow poets are sharing their dark, delicious delights as part of COFFIN HOP, here's another Arabian legend (that also appeared, albeit quite differently, in the gamebook Sultans of Rema I worked on, that was written by Gaetano Abbondanza and published by Tin Man Games)... Enjoy!




photo credit: 尽在不言中 via photopin cc


Hush my little one, dry your tears

Sleep my child, forget your fears


Mummy’s here now, you’re safe and sound

The ghūls are far away, underground


The graveyard’s their home, and there they stay

So you’re safe from them, if you keep away


They need to feed, do beware

So let another, find their lair


Let their sacrifice, feed their lust

And give their life, for someone must


Else the ghūls will stray, into town

Choose a target, and strike them down


When they come, they’ll cause no fuss

Because they’ll change form, to one of us


They lure their victims, with such disguise

So remember this trick and don’t trust your eyes


The one way to tell, if it’s a ghūl

Is by their hooves, that’s the rule


What’s that you say? You see my feet

Yes they are hooved, but there’s no retreat


Your mummy’s already dead, I drank her blood

It tasted delicious, a warm dark flood


And as her life, began to fade

I thought of you and my mind was made


I’ll eat you first, and then the rest

Because I like… Children best


So be still my dear and don’t you cry

Your tears won’t save you, it’s time to die


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Comments 2

Guest - Julianne Snow on Friday, 31 October 2014 01:07

Great prose Brewin'!

Great prose Brewin'!
Guest - A. F. Stewart on Friday, 31 October 2014 12:44

A superb poem.

A superb poem.
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