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Coffin Hop 2014 Day Three - Beware the Sandwalker

Coffin Hop 2014

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It's day three of the annual COFFIN HOP where horror authors and artists from around the globe come together to share their dark works and invite you to join in the fun and win some great horror prizes, all for just for a few mouse clicks!

And right here, you can win free copies of my horror novel The Dark Horde - 3 copies in ebook (pdf) format are up for grabs, and if you win the grand prize, I’ll mail you a signed copy of the paperback version completely free! Or if you'd prefer, you can get a ebook (pdf) copy of Evermore: An Introduction instead (or a signed copy of the paperback version mailed free if you win the grand prize). 

Want more? Of course you do haha... Well how about I throw in a free copy of my gamebook Infinite Universe (published by Tin Man Games) that you can read and play on PC, Mac, Linux or Android platforms for every winner? Done!

(The free copy of Infinite Universe will come via a link that you copy and paste into your browser - I'm fairly sure this link will still work for you, but in the event it doesn't, let me know and I'll give you another free PDF copy of your choice of one of my books instead).

You can enter any time, as often as you like up until midnight on the 31st of Oct (US EST time). In the event a winner doesn't claim their prize within 72 hours of being notified, another winner will be drawn in their place.


*** Click here to enter Brewin’s 2014 Coffin Hop Giveaway ***


And continuing the "Terrible Myths & Legends" theme for the Kintsugi Poets Society where myself and fellow poets are sharing their dark, delicious delights as part of COFFIN HOP, here's another Arabian legend (with a little inspiration from the gamebook Sultans of Rema written by Gaetano Abbondanza and published by Tin Man Games)... Enjoy!





Beware the great hunter of the desert, the Sandwalker

Huge and terrifying its visage, a tireless stalker

By day it sleeps, concealed beneath the sands

By night it awakes, hungry, to patrol its lands


Deadly its venomous sting, crushing its mighty claws

Prowling the sands for victims, hunting without pause

A blackened, scorpioid beast the size of a horse

Wielding a beak so sharp it can slice steel with its force


And if this terror you should ever meet

Know that it will never relent nor retreat

Unerringly, methodically, it will follow your trail

Cover your tracks as you might, to no avail


Can this nightmare be slain? No one knows

Where it is said to dwell, no one goes

Of those that crossed its path, none have returned

Beware and avoid, only this has been learned



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Comments 3

Guest - A. F. Stewart on Sunday, 26 October 2014 13:04

A splendidly unsettling poem. I loved it.

A splendidly unsettling poem. I loved it.
Guest - Julianne Snow on Sunday, 26 October 2014 13:58

Great imagery Brewin'!

Great imagery Brewin'!
Guest - Nina D'Arcangela on Monday, 27 October 2014 18:39

A wonderful poem!

A wonderful poem!
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