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Kintsugi Poets Society BlogHop - Day 5: Who's Your Master?

Kintsugi Poet Society BlogHop


Broken memories. Twisted dreams.

Shattered hopes. Tortured screams.


These elements have given birth to a new society of dark poetry…



Turning dark cracks & broken fragments into golden seams of poetry


So come join us…

In the darkness…

If you dare.


*    *    *


 Kintsugi Poets Society BlogHop - July 21st to 28th 2013



Once again we are here in darkness, as the Kintsugi Poets Society continues this Grand Launch Bloghop of Dark Poetry – 21st July to 28th July, where we, Kintsugi members, will be posting dark poetry on our blogs and the Kintsugi Poets site

And once more, I reveal some of the darkness that is to come in the form of the musical story/album The Calling, the back-story to my supernatural horror/thriller novel The Dark Horde. In The Calling, Henry Wilcox records his final words that not only tell of his past but of the things to come... The return of unstoppable things of ancient evil that are beyond our comprehension. Things he calls "The Dark Horde".

What follows are their words: 


*    *    *






Your puppet strings I pull like reins

I suck the life that flows through your veins

I poison your mind with confusion and hate

Ever-present, I alone control your fate


Open your eyes and see that I am master

Running from me will only bring you faster

With lies, I drug you, deceive you and taunt you

You’ll not find truth for only I know what is true


You think you know me, when you don't even know yourself

You try to hide from me behind your science, religion and wealth

Yet these are my weapons, and mine alone to deploy

Using hate of race, hate of place, hate of face, I only destroy


For at the end of it all, at a time you will not see

 There will be nothing left, only death, only me!


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Guest - A. F. Stewart on Thursday, 25 July 2013 15:35

Delightfully unsettling. A great poem.

Delightfully unsettling. A great poem.
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