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Return to Rema!

Been a bit quiet over here the last couple of months huh?

Well I'm going to endeavour to change that with more regular posts (currently I'm fantasizing that they'll be every week or so but let's see how we go on that haha)

Anyway, today's post is to share my latest released work, Sultans of Rema, the ninth digital gamebook in the Gamebook Adventures series produced by Tin Man Games, which also happens to be their twenty-second digital gamebook release, and the sixth one I've worked on. <- See I've even updated my side banner with these releases, so check them out if you're interested, and while you're there, also lists the others too (I think with the exception of those only released in non-English languages).

Gamebook Adventures 9: Sultans of Rema

Sultans of Rema is the sequel to Slaves of Rema, the third title in the acclaimed Gamebook Adventures series, both of which were written by the talented Gaetano Abbondanza, and subsequently edited / embellished by yours truly… Both works are designed by Gaetano, with modification by me (and a fair amount of input by others I might add), with the aim of balancing combats (so as to be neither too hard nor easy and consistent across differing paths), reducing player frustration (see here for how I seek to re-engineer gamebooks to address such things) and generally being a fun and engaging experience… Based on the reviews so far, like this one for instance, it looks like we got it right J (not that you can ever please everyone of course haha)

Joshua Wright once again lends his excellent artistic skills to bring this work to life (I’ve lost count of how many Tin Man Games releases he’s worked on now, but they include at least the last four Gamebook Adventures titles including this one) and the Tin Man Games team has done a sterling job (as they do!) in pulling it all together…

My summary of what Sultans of Rema is about goes something like “Arabian nights” meets sword-swinging, spell-slinging fantasy in an epic tale of political intrigue, magic and monsters. Which I guess is an abridged version of the app description:

“Your return to Rema takes you further to the east, to the City-State of Callae, renowned throughout the world as a city of great learning. Your final destination is the Emirates of Akbir, ruled by a sick Emir who has remained neutral to Orlandes’ political leanings over the years. His successor threatens to send that relationship into turmoil. You must secretly enter a harsh desert world of political power struggles and strange magics to ensure a stable future for both Rema and Orlandes!”

It’s available now (along with the rest of the series of course) on Android and iOS devices.



P.s. You may also be interested to know that there’s quite a few references in there to things from a forthcoming Gamebook Adventures title (also set in the Reman continent). So it’s with good reason that some things are hinted at but not fully explained… But hey that’s all I’ll say on that for now ;)

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