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Camping at a friend’s property on the banks of the Murray River (and wearing a silly hat).


Do you like my blog so far? Nah seriously it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s a great pleasure to welcome you all to my blog…

How many clichés can I start my first ever blog post with? Haha.

I am Brewin’, real name Andrew Drage, and this is my funky new site that my good friend Hobbes has put together using the artwork and photography of other good friends and the words and worlds that I have created… I hope you enjoy it.

Have a look around and see if you find something that you like; rest assured that if you do, there’s plenty more where that came from!

Some things on this site are still being tweaked and content will change over time (particularly the blog part; or such is the plan!) but I’ve let it loose to go play on the internet now, so we’ll see what happens.

I’ll endeavour to write blog posts that are interesting, insightful in some way and generally amusing, although I’m not sure how regular (or concise haha) they will end up being… But how about I do this; I’ll list the topics I have in mind to cover in future blog posts and you tell me what you’d like to read about:

  • AN INCOMPLETE HISTORY OF BREWIN'. Told with as many pictures and as few paragraphs as I can manage.

  • GAMEBOOK ADVENTURES: INFINITE UNIVERSE. The incomplete story behind the incomplete story...

  • THE DARK HORDE: The origins and back story of a tale almost twenty-three years in the making.

  • EVERMORE: AN INTRODUCTION. An expansion on an introduction.

  • BACKING YOURSELF AND "LIVING FOR THE DREAM". Told by way of my own journey and experiences.

  • THE INCOMPLETE BREWIN' OVERVIEW OF GAMEBOOKS: Why I love them, why I write them, and the ones I loved for their writing and ideas.

  • THE INCOMPLETE BREWIN' OVERVIEW OF ROLE PLAYING GAMES: Why the original “pencil, dice and paper” role playing games have made me the writer and designer I am, and the ones I loved for their writing and ideas.

  • THE INCOMPLETE BREWIN' OVERVIEW OF WRITING: Why I write and design, pertinent things I have learned and what I strive for in writing and design.

  • THE BREWIN' GUIDE TO WRITING BETTER GAMEBOOKS: My tips for designing and writing, plus analysis of probabilities and non-linear plots.

  • THE AMAZING AND UNKNOWN WORLD OF ANT SOCIETIES. A journey, incorporating some of my own research, into the second-most complex societies on Earth.


Many of these topics may well span multiple posts, but that’s what I’ve got in mind for starters… So if you have an opinion, tell me what you’d like to read!

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Friday, 02 June 2023

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