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The Calling is a concept album by The Dark Horde - a collective of international musicians, vocalists, actors and artists - that is written and directed by Brewin. Most of those involved live in Melbourne, Australia, with the artist in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the sound engineers based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The album is a musical narrative experience featuring a supernatural horror story set to an "eighties heavy metal" soundtrack. It is the prequel to Brewin's award-winning horror novel The Dark Horde, set in south-eastern Australia in 1989.


1. Introduction
2. Mask
3. Childhood
4. Victim
5. Therapy
6. Memory
7. Destiny
8. Puppet
9. Xenogenesis
10. Rebirth
11. Slaughter
12. Awakening
(Total album length 50 minutes)

* All tracks composed by Hanny Mohamed (Black Majesty) and Logan Jacobs, except track ten 'Rebirth' composed by Chris Kane (Eye of the Enemy), and track eleven 'Slaughter' composed by James Lowe
* Concept and lyrics by Brewin

* Main vocals by Danny Cecati (Wicked Smile, ex-Pegazus, ex-Eyefear)
* Narrated by Kevin Powe
* Demonic vocals by Shaun Farrugia (In Malice’s Wake)

* Guest acting appearances on track three 'Childhood' by Dexter Seamus as young Henry, and by Jane Brewin as Henry's mother, and on track five 'Therapy' by Andrew Carolane as Bernard Russell, psychiatrist

* Mixed by Ricardo Borges (Fascination Street Studios)
* Mastered by Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios)

* Artwork by Aldo Requena (Hammerblaze)

Click here for the Digital Album (released Oct 29 2021)
Physical Album Release Details Coming Soon

Critic Reviews:

"…this is a whole work of art meant to be consumed and enjoyed in its entirety. The Dark Horde have brought this masterwork to life and it is one of the best concept albums I’ve heard in a long time." [ read the full article ]

Metal-Rules.Com 1/10/20214½ Stars4½ Stars4½ Stars4½ Stars4½ Stars

"Do yourself a favor and don’t just listen to this album, READ this album. The intricate nuance and incredibly written story absolutely deserve all the justice it can get. Make sure to experience this wholly ... A super creepy album for a spooky time of the year." [ read the full article ]

Metal Temple 8/10/20215 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

"This album should be huge. Everyone deserves to listen to this." [ view the full review ]

Iridium Rock and Metal reviews 14/10/2021

"the most brilliant hybrid (of metal and horror books) I have yet seen." [ read the full article ]

Metalheads Forever Magazine 26/10/2021

"If I had to sum up The Calling in one word, it would be epic ... Listen at your own peril, for you may be enchanted beyond salvation." [ read the full article ]

HEAVY Magazine 27/10/2021

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