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Brewin needs YOUR vote!


So I’ve managed to get Infinite Universe nominated for Best Dice Game in the Best App Ever Awards… Now I just need YOU to click the button below to register your vote! (Voting ends March 15 2014).

Need argue with a man, er alien, holding a gun ;)


Is it worthy of your vote? Well I think so ;)


 Vote for Gamebook Adventures: Infinite Universe for Best Dice Game


And while you’re there, why not vote for the Pocket Gamer 2014 Awards too… Tin Man Games is nominated for Best Developer, and Trial of the Clone is nominated for Best Adventure/RPG Game – just go HERE to register your vote (voting ends March 7th 2014).


Many thanks to all those who vote! (Your reward is in the life after this one haha)

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Guest - Stuart Lloyd on Thursday, 27 February 2014 20:08

Voted for. Good luck!

Voted for. Good luck!
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